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Our Team

Rob Ede, R.G., E.P.

Managing Principal, Senior Technical Advisor

Education: B.S. Geology & Environmental Science, M.S. Earth Resources Management

Licenses/Registration: Registered Geologist, Oregon, No. G1823, Licensed Geologist, Washington, No. 461

Rob Ede has worked in the environmental field since 1991 and has experience and a strong background in the evaluation of compliance with Federal and state environmental regulations as well as the scoping, performing, and supervising of subsurface soil and groundwater investigations and remedial actions, including remedial investigations, site investigations, beneficial use assessments for land and water, risk-based closure assessments, Brownfields assessments, and property reuse planning. Rob Ede has significant experience with construction-related projects where maintenance of fast track scheduling is critical to project success. He provides oversight, management, and quality control for large or complex subsurface investigation projects.

Eleanore Ramsey, G.I.T., E.P.

Senior Project Manager

Education: B.S. Geology

Licenses/Registration: Geologist In Training, Oregon, No. T2213

Eleanore Ramsey has conducted Phase I ESAs since 2002, including undeveloped land, watersheds, developed urban properties, residential properties, commercial developments and industrial properties in the western U.S. She has expertise in all aspects of Phase I ESA research activities and report preparation, including aerial photograph analysis, historical research, interviews, and regulatory agency file review.

Andrew Bisbee, R.G.

Senior Environmental Scientist

Education: B.S. Geology

Licenses/Registration: Registered Geologist

Andrew Bisbee has conducted soil and groundwater investigations, clean fill evaluation, and provided environmental construction services for development projects since 2011. In addition, he has implemented methane investigations, hazardous building materials and Phase I environmental site assessments (ESAs).


Roger Brown, R.G., E.P.

Principal, Senior Technical Advisor

Education: B.A. Geology/Biology, M.S. Geology

Licenses/Registration: Registered Geologist, Oregon, No. G1044, Licensed Geologist, Washington, No. 486

Roger Brown has conducted geologic investigations since 1979, and performed environmental site investigations and cleanups since 1989. He has extensive experience and background in managing and performing subsurface soil and hydrogeologic investigations, and remedial actions. He provides oversight, management, and quality control/quality assurance for large or complex projects. Roger Brown has managed and brought regulatory closure to many projects.

Steve Evans, R.G., E.P.

Senior Project Manager

Education: B.S. Geology

Licenses/Registration: Registered Geologist, Oregon, No. G1322, Licensed Geologist and Hydrogeologist, Washington, No. 791

Steve Evans has conducted Phase I and Phase II ESAs for a wide variety of commercial, residential, agricultural, and industrial properties since 1988. His expertise includes conducting groundwater sampling, groundwater beneficial use surveys, remedial investigation and cleanup reports, Brownfield redevelopment oversight, characterization of sediments prior to dredging, compliance sampling, litigation-related data and cost review and completion of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) evaluations.

Ben Uhl, R.G., E.P.

Senior Field Manager

Education: B.S. Geology

Licenses/Registration: Registered Geologist, Oregon, No. G2428, Licensed Geologist, Washington, No. 3100.

Ben Uhl has collected and analyzed field data for investigative reports since 2002. He has performed groundwater, leachate, waste water, storm water, surface water, basin lysimeter, soil, and soil gas sampling, and monitored landfill gas and surface emissions. Ben Uhl has written a variety of reports, including long-term environmental monitoring reports, health and safety plans, and Quality Assurance and Quality Control plans. He is also responsible for HAI’s extensive inventory of field equipment, including instrument calibration and maintenance.

Gracie Mason, R.C.

Sample Technician

2004 - 2017
We miss you!

Gary Hahn, E.P.


Education: B.S. Chemistry

Gary Hahn has owned and managed Hahn and Associates, Inc. since its inception in 1987, and has provided environmental regulatory assistance and site assessment activities for industry and government, as well as overseeing the design and implementation of environmental compliance programs and the management of environmental cleanup projects since 1976. He is on the Board of Directors and a past Chairman of the Seva Foundation, an international sight restoration organization.

Nora Eskes, E.P.


Education: B.A. Community Studies, B.S. General Science

Nora Eskes is the lead for the Site Assessment Group at HAI. Since 1999, she has conducted and reviewed hundreds of Phase I ESAs for a variety of government and private parties, including large and/or complex properties for which extensive historical and regulatory file research was required. These projects have included industrial facilities, commercial properties, shopping centers, automotive service stations, dry cleaning facilities, home sites, greenspace acquisitions, and agricultural and undeveloped properties. She is very experienced with the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) Standard E1527 for Phase I ESAs, and with the potential issues of environmental concern related to various property/industry types.

Mira Ericksen


Education: B.S. Science

Mira Ericksen joined HAI in 2011 as a member of the administrative support team. She is responsible for general office assistance, document production, and reception duties.

Valerie Allen


Valerie Allen's responsibilities at HAI include managing accounts payable and receivable, preparation of financial statements, monthly project invoicing, reconciling and applying payments to client accounts, preparation of project budget reports, tracking client agreements, payroll processing, and preparation and maintenance of HAI's operating budget. Additional responsibilities include assisting with the maintenance of the company's insurance program, maintaining corporate records, administrative functions related to human resources and employee benefit enrollment, and general support to HAI’s management team.

As a focused regional firm, we provide a personal approach, along with attention to detail, consistent high-quality work, and continuity of staff and services, including Phase I and II ESAs, Remedial Investigations, and Brownfield Redevelopment. The solutions we provide for our clients are formulated to promote responsible stewardship of the environment.