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Cottonwood Canyon

Oregon's Newest State Park!










HAI performed a Phase I ESA of a ranch property along 8 miles of John Day River frontage and covering more than 8,000 acres, which consisted largely of undeveloped rangeland, except for two farm complexes consisting of residences, outbuildings, corrals, and an abandoned homestead.  One Recognized Environmental Condition (REC) was identified: a partially buried diesel fuel storage tank located at one of the farm complexes.  Additionally, while not RECs, several areas of potential concern were noted, including historical structures with suspect asbestos-containing materials, aboveground fuel storage tanks, numerous 55-gallon drums and smaller containers of hazardous materials, a dumpsite for abandoned vehicles and farm equipment, a solid waste burn area, and water supply wells and septic systems.  Based on these findings, HAI recommended Phase II and III activities. 

The Phase II and III activities included further assessment, investigation, and remedial actions related to the findings of the Phase I ESA, and included the recycling or disposal of numerous containers of household and agricultural chemicals, the disposal of wastes from the on-site burn pit, and the remediation of approximately 1,080 tons of diesel fuel-contaminated surface soil.

Significant amounts of petroleum-impacted soil were disposed at an authorized landfill.  Confirmation sampling was performed prior to backfilling and during subsequent investigations.  Following remediation of petroleum-impacted soils, the site was restored in consultation with Oregon State Parks biologists by hydro-seeding with native grasses, forbs, and shrubs.

HAI acted as liaison between the client, the owner, DEQ, Oregon State Parks, and numerous subcontractors.  Data gathered during test pit and push-probe investigations allowed the successful completion of a Risk Assessment report which resulted in a “No Further Action” (NFA) determination by DEQ within 2 months of initiating the Phase II activities.  Acquisition of this property by the client for conservation purposes was not possible until these environmental issues were addressed.  The property is now Cottonwood Canyon State Park, Oregon’s newest state park.

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