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Safeway UIC Compliance










HAI provided technical and permitting support to Safeway Inc. for Underground Injection Control (UIC) system registration and compliance with the ODEQ UIC Program.  HAI researched over 100 properties owned by the client, including stand-alone stores, stores in shopping centers, and a 65-acre warehouse and distribution facility.  The UIC systems included drywells, perforated retention and infiltration systems, drill-holes, septic systems, and legacy drywells installed as early as the 1950s.  In addition, HAI arranged for video inspection of drywells at a number of retail locations.  Complex regulatory obstacles such as loading dock catch basins and nearby public water supply wells were addressed.

HAI prepared a statewide Water Pollution Control Facility (WPCF) permit application for Safeway’s 60 UICs in the State of Oregon. As part of this process, HAI acted as liaison for the client, facilitating communication and meetings with ODEQ. HAI prepared a comprehensive UIC Management Plan to address best management practices (BMPs), stormwater sampling, employee and public education, and reporting requirements.

sf2As a consequence of UIC assessment, design changes were implemented at several stores. For example, HAI led a team to design a new stormwater management system for a shopping center owned by Safeway and three other parties in an Oregon coast city. The HAI-led project team included Aquarius Environmental LLC; Otak, Inc.; and SWCA Environmental Consultants. The new stormwater system serves the shopping center and the City-owned street behind the stores. Two water quality treatment units discharge to an off-site dispersion swale, which is located on City-owned property adjacent to a wetland that supports salmon habitat. HAI sought and received concurrence from the Oregon Department of State Lands for the swale location. HAI also coordinated the public participation process for the project, including a neighborhood meeting and City Council presentation. In addition, HAI decommissioned the shopping center UICs, as well as the City-owned UICs on the street right-of-way behind the stores.

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